So this will be the springboard for the newest setting I am coming up with. The planet is called Vanth, shared between several indigenous and imported races. There are elements of science fantasy, western, classic fantasy, and steampunk. As of right now, I haven’t picked a system to run it, but it will most likely end up being a highly modified version of 3.5 D&D. The premise is that humanity, facing the end of its existence, loaded up a massive vessel, known as the Worldship, with extensive samples of its history, culture, and technology. It set off from Earth centuries ago ago, carrying over 1.5 million human passengers. As far as anyone on Vanth knows, the Worldship crashed here about two centuries ago, getting ripped apart in the upper atmosphere. Mere thousands survived, and have to rebuild. With the discovery of Runometry, the emergence of new races, and of course Red Winter, our future will never be the same again.

- History of Runometry
- Elements of Runometry
- Red Winter
- Mecha
- Timeline

- Human
- Vul
- Dwarf
- Rusii

- Doge City
- Brunheim
- Hallora
- New Wark
- Shidi Ma
- Three Peaks

- Luminati
- Wildlings
- War Lizards

- Ninth Gun

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