Entry 35

So, I find myself once again at a crossroads. What is it about this decision-place, where one must make their choice and never look back? Truly, these are places of power.

Back to the room. The door, after what seemed like an eternity, opened to a welcome sight. A young girl, her hair combed and wearing robes of grey, stood in front of me. It was her green eyes though, I think, that really gave it away. I’ve seen her before, when I’d saved her in the alley, and once again after I’d been attacked. She came back to return the favor, it seemed. Behind her was an older figure; a half elf wearing similar grey robes, with a light blue sash at the waist. The girl introduced herself as Acolyte Eline and the man as Elder Kamose. In unison, they beckoned for me to follow them as they proceeded to walk down the corridor of the complex.

That’s where I am now, at the Temple of Amnar. When I first heard the name, I very nearly did a double take. What are the chances that the figure from my dream and this god are different beings? According to Eline, I had also been the target of an assassination contract. She found me bleeding out in that alley, barely hanging on to life. Apparently, she would not have gotten involved has she not seen my cloak. My grey cloak is identical to the robes of the priests here, a woven symbol of Amnar’s clergy.

At the time, I was bewildered. This was Danton’s cloak. He must have been an acolyte here as well. But then why was he leading an expedition into the desert? If what she claims is true, then there’s no way that overgrown lizards were involved.

The look on Kamose’s face after I said Danton’s name out loud was all I needed to see.
“How do you know that name?”
I told him the story of my arrival in the Crystal Desert, about how I arrived in Shaal, and how Danton chose me to be an extra set of eyes. After pausing, I told him the rest. Well, not all of the rest. I left out the bits about the vision and my newfound power. Not quite sure I trust these priests yet.
“This is quite saddening. Danton was… one of my most promising acolytes. He fell from our ranks several months ago, after he was caught gambling at one of the local establishments. The last thing I had heard was that he was indentured, in service to some Trade Prince or another… what was his name, now? Faustus, that’s right. His name was Faustus.”

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Entry 35

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