Entry 34

It seems that fate has once again taken control over the events of my life, to keep me from running off of its path.

I awoke this morning to the red-black aroma of burning meat and the calls of merchants hawking their wares sifting through my window. Sometimes, getting back to civilization is nice! And then I remembered the girl and the halfling. I was going to have to watch my step while walking around today.

My first stop was barely a minute’s walking, downstairs at the bar. According to the innkeeper, Faustus is one of the six Trade Princes of the city, and that I could find him at the Palace of Mirrors, the main administrative center and fortress of the city. Well isn’t that just brilliant. Not only is my enemy one of the wealthiest men on the continent, he has political power that I’m likely never going to wield.

I knew that I would need outside help of some kind to bring Faustus down, so I spent most of my day wandering around the city, gathering any other information I could about him. Apparently, he is quite a miser, and has made a few enemies in the craftsmen’s guilds, specifically the Weavers of Shaal. Most of these domestic troubles mean little to him, though. He is well protected in the palace, with guards and spells of warding.

The crescent moon was rising in the eastern sky by the time I had made my way back towards the Lucky Copper. As I was walking down an alley, I was approached by the lone figure of a man, shrouded in wraps of black cloth and wielding a longsword.

I remember little of what happened after that. The light of the moon as it shone overhead. A wrenching pain in my gut. My blood, pooling over the dusty tiles. The sound of sandals on stone. And the face of a girl, staring down at me.

It’s been nearly an hour since I’ve come to. I’m writing this in a room now, on a scrap piece of parchment. I’ll copy it into my diary when I get the chance to get out of here. Which in turn leads me to the bigger question: where am I? The room I’m in is way nicer than the one at the Lucky Copper, made of pale stone and covered in frescoes of blue and grey. Who’s keeping me here? Who was that girl?

I hear someone coming down the hall. I suspect I will be getting my answers sooner rather than later.

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Entry 34

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