Entry 32

Looking back a bit, I realize that it’s really taken a lot out of me to finally get here. That whole business with those damn Ubti raiders nearly got me killed! I know I’ve done the townsfolk some justice, but damn. I will be happy to relax after I’m done here. I’ll definitely have to be more careful now that my goal is finally in sight.


A new scar, a badly burned arm, and over a month of hard times separate that fateful day in Sunspring and the moment where I saw the spires of the grand port city on the horizon. The last time I set eyes on this place, I was heading off into the desert with my so-called companions. I realize now just how much easier it is to adventure alone. No bickering, no having to share rations, and the freedom of getting to do what I want without having to justify myself to anyone else. Well, I’d better enjoy the solitude as much as I can on this empty stretch of road, because all of that is about to end.

Shaal is truly a singular city. Built into the limestone cliffs, its grandiose sandstone halls and palaces overlook the sprawling harbor town. This is easily the most diverse city in the world, a living cultural mosaic. A myriad of visitors from the Outer Planes walk the streets among vendors, soldiers, monsters, officials, thieves, priests, and adventurers such as myself.

It was nearly dusk by the time I approached the city gates. I’d almost forgotten how much bigger they are, once one gets close. The guard who let me in, a dwarf of all things, seemed like a rather upright fellow, so I tossed an extra silver his way as he let me in.

As much as I might come to enjoy this place, I can’t forget why I’m here: Faustus. I know without a doubt now that he paid off those raiders to destroy Sunspring. I suspect he is somewhere in the city, but there’s no way of knowing where. Not to mention that I know next to nothing about the man, except that he’s extremely rich.

If I was a man of faith, I’d probably pray for guidance.

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Entry 32

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