Near Ryso

A nain artificer with a secretive family background and an... interesting personality.



Each member of Near’s extended family tree has a symbol that represents them to their family members. Each family branch has a base symbol based on a diamond, and each individual personalizes it to their tastes at age 20.

The Ryso family base symbol is a diamond with a vertical line stretching from top to bottom.

Near’s personal symbol is a diamond with a vertical line running through its centre from top to bottom, and a rectangle running horizontaly from side to side.

The Crest used to express the family in general is two horizontaly overlaping diamonds with a vertical line running through the diamond created by the overlap. The Ryso family branch is the most direct descendants of the family, running from 1st son to 1st son. Its symbol, therefore, is taken from the centre diamond of the family crest.

Near Ryso

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